Welcome to Mane Event Stables

At Mane Event Stables, LLC our first and foremost priority is to provide a place where horse lovers of all ages, backgrounds, and goals feel welcome and free to pursue their passion.  


Our mission statement:
“To provide a welcoming and open space where riders of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy horses in a safe and fun environment.”

“Watch carefully, the magic that occurs,
when you give a person, just enough comfort,
to be themselves.”

~ A Poet named Atticus ~

Mane Event Stables LLC

Riding Lessons

Horse Boarding

Horse Riding Camps

Benefits of Riding Horses

When handling or riding horses, students are put in a position of leadership of an animal that weighs approximately 1100 pounds and is significantly larger and more physically powerful than the student.

Do you need to board your horse? We can help you!