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Camp Descriptions

Farm Camp – Your child will be exposed to many aspects of farm life to include horse and goat care, various chores, nature walks. Your child will be able to spend time on a horse each day. We will groom the horses and have a horsey fashion show! There will be water play and crafts. Please send your child with swimsuit, towel, flip flops, a riding helmet if they have one, closed toe (sturdy) shoe and long pants for riding horses.
Time:10-3 (early drop-off, late pick-up available @ $10/hr)

Horse Immersion – This camp is for children that want a full horse experience. Horses all day, every day! Riders will have one lesson in the morning and afternoon, with lunch and a horse related lecture in the middle of the day. Your child will be exposed to all aspects of caring for and riding a horse under the direction of our barn trainer and riding instructor. Riding boots (or appropriate footwear with a heel) and a pair of full length pants or riding breeches are required. Riders may bring their own ASTM/SEI helmet or Mane Event will provide one for each rider.
We will be holding 2 weeks of Horse Immersion Camp that will be dedicated to beginners only (June 19-June 23 and Aug 7-Aug 11). Beginner riders are defined as riders with little (trail ride or pony ride) to no experience with horses.
Time:10-3 (early drop-off, late pick-up available @ $10/hr)

Eventing Camps – Eventing camps are for riders that are competition focused and competent at walk/trot/canter and jumping a minimum of 18” courses. These camps will be education intense in both riding and theoretical topics. There will be 2-3 hours of riding each day, as well as 2 lectures (either classroom based or mounted). These camps are goal oriented (usually a competition or off-site schooling is the end goal) and the theme/topics covered in camp are chosen to support the riders towards that goal. For example the camp might lead up to a competition on that Sat-urday. Riders are not required to go to the competition, but the theme of the camp will be designed to prep riders for attending the competition. Lecture topics will vary, but may include: rules/regulations, how to design a show jumping course, sports medicine for the competitive equine, how to judge a dressage test, how to analyze a dressage test, etc… Riders are required to have appropriate riding gear: paddock boots w/ half chaps or tall boots, riding breeches, preferably their own ASTM/SEI helmet. Riders will need to bring a binder w/ paper and writing instruments so they can take lecture notes and keep lecture handouts. Any additional costs to off-site schoolings or competitions are in additional to the cost of camp.
Time: 9:30-4

~~All Campers will need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, lunch and snacks~~
~~Bring change of clothes, including swimsuit & towel (and flipflops or water shoes)~
~~Write campers name on everything they bring to camp~~
~~Camp is located at 2514 NC HWY 54 Chapel Hill, NC 27516~~

Please complete the 5 sections below and submit each Camp Registration Form

Camp Registration Form - Part 1 of 5

General Information

Participant's Name*:
Parents/Legal Guardian Name*:

Contact Information

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Health History

Current Medications:

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2017 Spring Break Camps

Date    Camps Available
March 27-March 31:Farm Camp $175Horse Immersion $340Eventing Camp $475
April 10-April 14: Farm Camp $175Horse Immersion $340
Daily Drop-In. Farm Camp ($50/day). List dates desired:
Daily Drop-In. Horse Immersion ($85/day). List dates desired:

2017 Summer Camps

Date    Camps Available
June 12-June 16:Farm Camp $175Eventing Camp $475
June 19-June 23:Farm Camp $175Beginner Horse Immersion $340
June 26-June 30:Farm Camp $175Horse Immersion $340
July 3-July 7:Farm Camp $175
July 10-July 14:Farm Camp $175Horse Immersion $340
July 17-July 21:Farm Camp $175
July 24-July 28:Farm Camp $175Horse Immersion $340
July 31-Aug 4:Farm Camp $175
Aug 7-Aug 11:Farm Camp $175Beginners Horse Immersion $340
Aug 14-Aug 18:Farm Camp $175Eventing Camp $475
Aug 21-Aug 25:Farm Camp $175Horse Immersion $340
Daily Drop-In. Farm Camp ($50/day). List dates desired:
Daily Drop-In. Horse Immersion ($85/day). List dates desired:

~10% Sibling Discount~

Experience & Expectations

Do you have any physical limitations? If yes, please explain*:
Do you have any previous riding experience?*
What are your riding goals, both current and future?*
How did you hear about Mane Event Stables? Do we need to thank anyone for a referral?*
Any other information you feel we should know?*

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Participant's Name*:
Physician's Name*:
Medical Facility*:
Health Insurance Company*:
Allergies to Medications*:
Current Medications*:

In the event of an emergency, please contact:


In the event that emergency medical aid/treatment is required due to illness or injury during the process of receiving lessons or instructions, or while being on the property of Equestrian Arts Institute, I authorize Equestrian Arts Institute to:

  1. Secure and retain medical treatment and transportation if needed.
  2. Release volunteer records upon request to the authorized individual or agency involved in the medical emergency treatment.

This authorization includes x-ray, surgery, hospitalization, medication and any treatment procedure deemed “life saving” by the physician. This provision will only be invoked if the person(s) above is unable to be reached.

Signature of Participant, Staff Member, Volunteer, or Legal Guardian


I do not give my consent for emergency medical treatment/aid in the case of illness or injury during the process of receiving lessons or instructions. In the event of emergency treatment/aid is required, I wish that the following procedures to take place:

Signature of Participant, Staff Member, Volunteer, or Legal Guardian

Camp Registration Form - Part 4 of 5


By signing this agreement, I agree to pay the tuition for each week/day my child attends. There will be a $200 (Eventing Camp), $125/week (Horse Immersion), $75/week (Farm Camp) non-refundable deposit due upon signing of this registration form to secure a spot for my child. I have completed and signed a separate riding/liability agreement that describes the possibility of serious injury which may result from your child’s participation in this summer camp program and that Mane Event Stables, LLC does not guarantee your child’s safety. You can mail the registration forms and check to the PO BOX at the top of the form or email forms to and we will send you an invoice through Square Register. I agree to allow my child to participate in the Summer Camp and affirm that my child’s participation is completely voluntary. I understand that there are risks inherent in the activities my child will engage in at the Summer Camp which may cause serious injury or even death. I understand that if I have questions about possible hazards, it is my responsibility to seek additional information from the Summer Camp staff prior to signing this Form. I also understand that, despite safety precautions, neither the Summer Camp nor anyone associated with Mane Event Stables can guarantee that my child will not be injured. My child and I are willing to assume these risks. To minimize the risk, I have instructed my child to obey all the rules and instructions of the Summer Camp.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY, RELEASE & AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE: In consideration for permitting my child to participate in the Summer Camp, I voluntarily agree, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, to the following:

TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS OR LOSS, OR PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH that may be sustained by me/my child as a result of participating in the Summer Camp.

TO RELEASE, WAIVE, HOLD HARMLESS, DISCHARGE, & AGREE NOT TO SUE the person or entity responsible for administering the Summer Camp, Mane Event Stables, LLC, or its trustees, officers, employees, agents (hereinafter referred to as “releasees”) from any and all liability, claims, actions, demands, expenses, attorneys fees, breach of contract actions, breach of statutory duty, or other duty of care, warranty, strict liability actions, and causes of action whatsoever, that I might now have or may acquire in the future, arising out of or related to any loss, dam-age, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me or my child while traveling to or from, or participating in the Summer Camp.

PHOTO RELEASE: I give permission for photographs taken of me/my child/ward while participating in the Summer Camp to be used in marketing/public relations material in the promotion of Summer Camp.

Parent Name*:
Parent Signature*


Camp Registration Form - Part 5 of 5

Barn Rules

Under North Carolina law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting exclusively from the inherent risks of equine activities. Chapter 99E of the North Carolina General Stat-utes." (c) Failure to comply with the requirements concerning warning signs and notices provided in this Article shall prevent an equine activity sponsor or equine professional from invoking the privileges of immunity provided by this Article.

  1. There is no smoking of any kind anywhere on the property.
  2. There is no alcohol allowed on the property.
  3. All riders must wear a helmet when mounted.
  4. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  5. No outside pets are allowed on the property at any time.
  6. Do not climb on fences or gates.
  7. Please turn off lights when you are done using them.
  8. Closed toe shoes are required when handling horses.
  9. Only groom and tack horses in cross ties or use trailer ties on fence posts
  10. Running water must never be unattended and shut off when done.
  11. Calm voices are to be used around the animals and children. Yelling is only acceptable in an emergency or safety situation.
  12. Swearing will not be tolerated.
  13. When observing a lesson, do not behave in a disruptive manner. Quiet voices are required when observing lessons.
  14. All visitors to the property must have a signed liability waiver on file with Mane Event Stables.
  15. Put all trash in the trash bin and securely close the lid.
  16. Do not walk behind horses.
  17. Do not conduct activities that are loud and rambunctious or that will otherwise startle or frighten the horses.
  18. Do not go into the woods alone or without telling an adult.
  19. First aid kit and fire extinguisher are kept in the barn.
  20. Close all pasture gates properly.
  21. Physical abuse of any farm animals will NOT BE TOLERATED.
  22. No campers allowed in pastures/paddocks without supervision from an adult or under specific instruction by camp staff.
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