2018 Camp Dates (5 day camps)

Spring Break Camps: (Farm Camp and Horse Immersion) Monday thru Friday starting…

March 26 and April 2

Summer Camps: (Farm Camp and Horse Immersion) Monday thru Friday starting…

June: 4, 11, 18, and 25.  July: 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30.  August: 6, 13, and 20.

Summer FARM CAMP SOLD OUT for weeks starting June 4, June 25 and August 13.

Please email maneeventstablesnc@gmail.com for camp registration forms.
Then email forms back to maneeventstablesnc@gmail.com.



Eventing Camps (4 day camps):

For intermediate and advanced riders June 11-14. 

For advanced beginners and intermediate riders August 20-24.

For Eventing Camps (see description below) please email Amy.ManeEventStables@Gmail.com directly.  


Camp Descriptions

Farm Camp – Your child will be exposed to many aspects of farm life to include horse and goat care, various chores, nature walks. Your child will be able to spend time on a horse each day. We will groom the horses and have a horsey fashion show! There will be water play and crafts. Please send your child with swimsuit, towel, flip flops, a riding helmet if they have one, closed toe (sturdy) shoe and long pants for riding horses.
Price: $200 for 5-day; $50/day for one day drop-in.
Time: 10-3 (early drop-off, late pick-up available @ $10/hr).

Horse Immersion – This camp is for children that want a full horse experience. Horses all day, every day! Riders will have one lesson in the morning and afternoon, with lunch and a horse related lecture in the middle of the day. Your child will be exposed to all aspects of caring for and riding a horse under the direction of our barn trainer and riding instructor. Riding boots (or appropriate footwear with a heel) and a pair of full length pants or riding breeches are required. Riders may bring their own ASTM/SEI helmet or Mane Event will provide one for each rider.
Price: $340 for 5-day; $85/day for one day drop-in.
Time: 10-3 (early drop-off, late pick-up available @ $10/hr).

Eventing Camps – Eventing camps are for riders that are competition focused and competent at walk/trot/canter and jumping a minimum of 18” courses. These camps will be education intense in both riding and theoretical topics. There will be 2-3 hours of riding each day, as well as 2 lectures (either classroom based or mounted). These camps are goal oriented (usually a competition or off-site schooling is the end goal) and the theme/topics covered in camp are chosen to support the riders towards that goal. For example the camp might lead up to a competition on that Sat-urday. Riders are not required to go to the competition, but the theme of the camp will be designed to prep riders for attending the competition. Lecture topics will vary, but may include: rules/regulations, how to design a show jumping course, sports medicine for the competitive equine, how to judge a dressage test, how to analyze a dressage test, etc… Riders are required to have appropriate riding gear: paddock boots w/ half chaps or tall boots, riding breeches, preferably their own ASTM/SEI helmet. Riders will need to bring a binder w/ paper and writing instruments so they can take lecture notes and keep lecture handouts. Any additional costs to off-site schoolings or competitions are in additional to the cost of camp. 

For intermediate and advanced riders June 11-14

For advanced beginners and intermediate riders August 20-24.

Price: $360 for 4-day; $100/day for one day drop-in.
Time: 9:30-4.

For Eventing Camps please email Amy.ManeEventStables@Gmail.com directly. 

~~All Campers will need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, lunch and snacks~~
~~Bring change of clothes, including swimsuit & towel (and flipflops or water shoes)~
~~Write campers name on everything they bring to camp~~
~~Camp is located at 2514 NC HWY 54 Chapel Hill, NC 27516~~

camp registration form