Mane Event Stables, LLC is pleased to offer horse boarding stables Chapel Hill North Carolina facilities for your foals, yearlings, and mature horses.  We offer a range of training boarding options, please give us a call to discuss the details of your horse and their specific needs and services required.

Our instructors and staff are experienced professionals who have worked with all types of horses young and old.  Our full care board includes an assigned stall which has a fan, an automatic watered, a corner feed bucket, and a hay manger.  Your horse will be in a pasture during the day and in a group paddocks at night.  Horses have free access to forage and are fed grain individually twice per day.

horse boarding stables Chapel Hill North Carolina

Horse Boarding Stables Chapel Hill North Carolina Services

  • Handling and Care: With dedication and warmth, we will care for your horse to maintain and ensure good emotional and physical health.
  • Feed and Facilities: We will provide all feed and stable facilities to your horse. Pasture horses will be fed hay and grain daily (provided by the owner) unless other feeding arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Farrier & Veterinary Care: We will coordinate routine farrier and veterinary care of your horse as is reasonably necessary. Tetanus and sleeping sickness vaccines will be administered once per year and the influenza vaccine will be twice per year.
  • A Place to call Home: More than food, shelter, and medical care, we will provide for your horse a place to call home: a place to run, to be with other horses, and a place to be free. Mane Event Stables will give your horse the home he or she deserves.

You can be assured that your equine friend will be well cared for during their stay at Mane Event Stables, LLC.  We are convinced that you will find our facilities and care more than suitable.   Please see our Boarding Contract or contact us by email or by phone for more information about our Horse Boarding Stables – Chapel Hill – North Carolina services: (919) 391-8042.

horse boarding stables chapel hill North Carolina