Horse trail riding Chapel Hill in North Carolina can be a rewarding experience for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.  Horse trail riding can also be called “pleasure riding” and it simply means taking a horse for a ride along a roughly blazed path.  These paths are usually designated for horses, pedestrians & hikers, and sometimes bicyclists too.  Though, paved roads with motorized vehicles would not be considered a horse trail.  Horse trails are also called bridle paths, bridleways, or equestrian trails.

Mane Event Stables, LLC has access to many horse trails in and around the area.  We are pleased to allow our riders make use of these paths which are well kept, safe, and a pleasure to ride on.  Trail riding offers a varied and pleasant scenery with overhanging trees, dappled sunlight, and fields of flowers.  The walks are often accompanied by birdsong and other small wildlife such as rabbits and squirrels.  Without a doubt, our horses and riders very much enjoy a day of horse trail riding.


Horse Trail Riding Chapel Hill, NC

Mane Event Stables, LLC invites you and your friends to come join us on one of our horse trail riding Chapel Hill experiences.  We welcome families, husband and wife teams, and other riders who are ready for trail riding.  Depending on the participants level of experience, trail riding can be offered in some of our camp programs and family activities,  For those who already have experience in horseback riding, we offer one-hour block horse trail riding trips.

  • 1-hour ride which may include tacking is $40 per person per hour for up to 6 people.

Prices are accurate at the time of publication. Please contact us for further details and conditions. You can email us or call us for more information about horse trail riding Chapel Hill, NC: (919) 391-8042.