At Mane Event Stables, LLC, we are proud to offer Horse Training School North Carolina services to foals and horses of all ages. Foals and young horses are easier to train because they are not as large and strong as full grown horses thereby making them easier to approach and handle. We welcome mature horses and feral horses who have never been trained before. Our professional trainers are adept in managing and connecting with horses of all ages and dispositions.


Horse Training School North Carolina Program

Training begins with handling the young horses by touching them, rubbing them, lifting their feet, and speaking to them in a kindly fashion. Horses are taught:

  • to be calm in the presence of humans,
  • to recognize and be aware of the human voice,
  • to understand that humans are not dangerous,
  • and that humans have an intent or purpose.

Once these concepts have been established, a newfound understanding and respect between human and horse develops.  Each are aware that they share a space, that they depend on each other, and they will work together to accomplish great things.

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Horse Training School North Carolina

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Horse Training: Basic Skills

Our Horse Training North Carolina program continues with basic skills that every domesticated horse should have.  These include:

  • being caught while in the field and brought into the stables,
  • being loaded and unloaded into horse trailers,
  • being calm when faced with motor vehicles, bicyclists, excitable children, etc.,
  • being calm when exposed to loud noises or flapping objects which may startle.

Foals and young horses are not strong enough to be ridden but horse training continues with the placement and use of horse riding equipment.  The horses are introduced to halters and if ready, blankets can also be used. If a young horse is responding very well but is still too delicate to be ridden, a trainer will introduce the horse to a saddle, bridle, or harness.  During this time, horse can also be trained to respond to voice commands and prepared for in-hand or conformation shows.

Horse Training North Carolina continues with Ground Training where a horse is allowed to trot freely in a small pen and taught basic skills like moving faster, slowing down, changing directions, and stopping. There is much for a young horse to learn before it can be ridden.

Horse Training School North Carolina

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Horse Training: When to Ride

Most horses are ridden or “backed” at 2 years of age, and some are backed at 3 years of age.  In rare occasions, thoroughbred race horses are ridden as a yearling (between one and two years of age) mainly because the jockeys (professional riders) are very light in weight.  Yearlings are much stronger and larger than foals, but they are energetic, unpredictable, and easily excitable; they require special handling with an experienced trainer.

Once a horse is ready to be ridden then they can be trained in basic horse riding commands such as stop, advance, change gaits, slow down, speed up, move backwards, and more. Depending on your overall objectives, your horse can be trained for specific disciplines. Please contact us by email or by phone for more information about our Horse Training School North Carolina services: (919) 391-8042

Our Mission.

“To provide a welcoming and open space where riders of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy horses in a safe and fun environment.”