Fun and rewarding horseback riding lessons Chapel Hill, North Carolina are available from Mane Event Stables, LLC.  Whether you wish for long term arrangement or just a few lessons to “try it out”, our patient and friendly instructors can help you achieve your riding objectives.

We offer professional horseback riding lessons for children and adults. For beginners, we have a wonderful selection of safe school horses and ponies. Our advanced riders often compete at horse shows throughout the year. Whether your aspiration is to be a more confident rider, participate in shows, or to compete and win a ribbon, our trainers can help you achieve your goals.

Our goal for you at Mane Event Stables, LLC Riding School is for you enjoy horses in a safe and fun environment while offering you expert advice so that you can become a better rider.  One thing we focus on for riders of all ages is for you to be well balanced in the saddle.  You will learn how to hold your body in a strong position to establish comfort and union with your mount.

In addition to strength, conditioning and flexibility, you will also learn to love, respect, and honor your horse.  Our horses are majestic creatures and we are sure that you will learn more than just riding skills at our horseback riding lessons Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Horseback Riding Lessons Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Out skilled trainers will consult with you and evaluate your current riding skills to determine the best program to bring out the full potential of your riding experience..

  • Horse Care 101: One-on-one introductory lesson taught by our advanced riding students. May include grooming, tacking, riding, and untacking. $25 per lesson or 10-pack for $250.
  • Private Lessons: One-on-one lessons taught by a professional instructor. $50 per lesson or $10 for $450.
  • Semi-Private: Small groups of 2-4 riders taught by a professional instructor. $40 per lesson or 10 for $350.

Prices are accurate at time of publication, please contact Mane Event Stables, LLC by email or call (919) 391-8042 for pricing, reservations or to discuss your individual needs.