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Starting with our Lesson Horses.

Danda-saurus-rex “Dandy” – LESSON HORSE

Dandy is a 25 year old solid chestnut appaloosa mare known for her been-there done-that attitude, and for her willingness to teach students the basics of riding.

In December 2013, Kimberly picked up Domino and Dandy from Chris Hatcher, their foster owner. Domino was a feral appaloosa mare who had been rescued from a neglectful situation and needed a home. Dandy was a bonus—Kimberly met her, heard her story, and could not say no to bringing her home as well. At the time, Dandy was extremely emaciated, about two hundred points underweight, and her history was largely unknown. Several months later, she had gained enough weight and strength to carry a rider. Elle got on and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dandy knew and remembered her job well. She was an instantly popular lesson horse.

Dandy proved her worth September 2015 when Mane Event Stables competed at a local hunter show. From the moment we started loading to when we got home, her demeanor was calm and confident. She knew her job and how to do it. Her rider had never shown, was nervous, and was in an equitation class of 10 competitors. Dandy did as she was asked, calm and consistent, and won the class. She subsequently won two more classes and placed 4th in her last class.

Dandy is loved best by many students for her dependable nature and confident attitude. She is straightforward to ride, uncomplicated, and consistent. We look forward to having this wise old lady around the barn for the rest of her days.

Dandy is now in retirement, living out the rest of her days in a pasture in a nearby property.


Armani is an 18 year old black draft cross gelding. He is big, beautiful, and noble, and the gentlest giant. Elle calls him “the safest horse in the world,” and she is right.

Armani came to us in May 2014 after spending two years in a pasture. He had been previously purchased for a woman with back problems because he is so steady and smooth to ride. He loves trail rides and has been to the beach. Armani likes his job here at Mane Event, but does not have any desire to work hard (though don’t let him fool you, he is quite capable of cantering!). He prefers to be walked, brushed, and cuddled.

Since we have known him, Armani has had limited range of motion in his left hip, making him most suitable for walking and trotting with minimal cantering. In May of 2015, Armani began having trouble getting up after lying down. Several times, Armani would lie down on his bad hip and then become “stuck” and unable to lift himself back up, struggling and rubbing his hocks raw. Weighing approximately 1400 pounds, there was no way for us to help him physically get up. While some of us began to expect the end for Armani, Kimberly was determined not to give up on him. With help from our amazing veterinarian Lynn and Kimberly’s ingenuity, we constructed a plan of treatment and physical therapy to help Armani on the road to recovery. His sore hocks were wrapped daily and a chute out of hay was constructed to help him sleep comfortably while standing. He was walked three times a day to stretch and strengthen his muscles. Over time, Armani began to improve and his hocks healed. We are pleased to say that by July Armani had made a complete and full recovery. He is yet another reminder to all of us to stay patient, never give up, and believe in these horses’ power and will to heal.

Snickerdoodles “Snickers”- LESSON HORSE

Snickers is a 9 year old bay pinto pony.

Snickers was purchased in early 2015, out of a back yard pasture in a neighborhood. The facility was not suitable for riding her, and she had not been ridden in months, but Kimberly and Elle fell in love with her sweet, attentive attitude and brought her home. She became Llia’s pony, and together they have competed quite successfully in local shows and events.

Shortly after bringing her home, Snickers decided to show us what her favorite thing was: jumping. When turned out in the pasture, she would leap into the air repeatedly, showing off incredible athleticism and spunk. She likes to spend her time galloping around the pasture and will jump anything in her path. She is capable of sizable fences relative to her size, comfortable up to 2’3” even though she is only 12 hands tall at the withers.

Snickers is known around the barn as “that plucky pony” and is loved by many for her spunk, friendly attitude, and sheer cuteness.

Domino Effect “Domino”

Domino is a 16-year-old leopard appaloosa mare. Domino came to us in December 2013, when she was rescued with Dandy from a neglectful situation. Our vet Lynn commented that Domino had feral qualities, and Elle believes she was never trained to ride before coming to us. When Domino came to Mane Event Stables, she did not know how to be lead, did not understand human signals, and had no desire or willingness to do what was asked of her. She was completely unable to be caught with a halter for several weeks. For months, Kimberly and others spent time with her, just grooming and being with her, showing her that we meant her no harm. Gradually, she began to consider cooperating.

A few months later, Elle began to train Domino as a riding horse. It was quickly apparent that she no clue what the saddle, girth, and bridle were, but over time she began to understand that she would not be harmed. With the help of the advanced riding students, Elle and Domino reached an agreement and were able to ride. Sierra then took over training and rode Domino in eventing camp summer of 2015, which included a dressage test, stadium jumping course, and a miniature cross country course.

Domino is now regularly one of the Horses at Mane Event Stables who we use in lessons and she has a talent with beginners.

Domino is currently living off the property with Dandy (both still owned by Kimberly) to heal from a soft tissue injury.

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Ophian “Remington” 

Remi is an 11-year-old off the track thoroughbred. He is owned by Sierra Isley and is her third horse and second thoroughbred project. He had a lot of down time after he raced, so he is still fairly green.

He has recently been successful in his first horse show, getting second place in a GAG CT! Sierra hopes that he will become a nice lower level eventer, and maybe beyond!


Dreamin’ Out Loud “Dreamer”

Dreamer is a 20 year old dark bay standardbred gelding owned by Christine Melsheimer. He is a very sweet horse around people and a pleasure to ride. His favorite thing to do is trot, and trot faster if asked to do so. He is suitable for riders who have a strong sense of balance, as he has a sensitive gas pedal and likes to go.

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