Kimberly Isley – Owner and Barn Manager

Kimberly began Mane Event Stables so that her two daughters, Sierra and Llia, could fully pursue their love of horses. Her passion for quality horse care and making Mane Event a true community, combined with her skill for organizing and coordinating all of the barn’s activities, drive the success of the operation. Previously to owning Mane Event, Kimberly worked in multiple management positions including finance and human resources. She is well known for her incredible determination and contagious energy. Kimberly current owns Abby, Dandy, Domino, Armani, Snickers, and Van.

Mane Event Stables Staff

Christi Costigan – Lesson Instructor

Christi has professionally instructed students and trained horses for over twenty-five years, and is certified by the American Riding Instructor Association (ARIA). Her expertise spans a wide variety of disciplines, with a main focus of utilizing dressage to help riders develop a balanced seat, effective aids, and a positive partnership between horse and human. Christi has trained under Eicke von Veltheim, Carol Brett, Jean White, and Carol Bulmer, and studied under Dr. Max Gahwyler, Chris Erwin, Cindy Sydnor, Steve Kennkburg, Jessica Ransenhousen, Carolyn Resnick, Pat and Linda Parelli, and Conrad Schumacher. Christi is a three term past President of Dancing Horse Dressage and Combined Training (Florida), a Charles Owen certified helmet fitter, a certified Stubben saddle fitter, and a Southern States Advanced Equine Feed-master. Her personal horses have included Arabians, a Thoroughbred, a Dutch Warmblood, a Lipizzaner, an Appaloosa, and a Quarter horse. She has owned or managed facilities housing an average of thirty horses. She has never met a horse or student she didn’t love working with.

mane Event Stables our staff

Lynn Gomes – Veterinarian

Lynn Gomes, D.V.M., B.S. Animal Science, is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. She earned a B.S. in Animal Science at Dalhousie University in Truro Nova Scotia. Dr. Gomes graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. After graduating she completed a one year surgical and ambulatory internship at Ocala Equine Hospital and has been working in the Raleigh area ever since. Dr. Gomes joined HorseCare Veterinary Services as a full partner in 2014. Dr. Gomes professional interests are preventative medicine, lameness and poor performance issues, vertebral manipulation (AKA “equine chiropractor”) and diagnostic imaging. In her free time she enjoys riding and competing with her horse Hantz, spending time with her husband and 2 dogs, and gardening.

mane Event Stables our staff

Jael Given – Hoof Care Specialist

Jael is a natural hoof care specialist based in the triangle area. Her passion for horse well-being shines through in her work. She treats each horse as an individual, focusing on balancing the hoof in regard to each horse’s specific idiosyncrasies and needs, and always helps the owner understand the process. Jael also enjoys spending time with her horse and german shepherds. We are grateful to have her as one of our Mane Event Stables staff.

mane Event Stables our staff

Contact us by email or by phone for more details about our Mane Event Stables staff: (919) 391-8042